Please, Touch The Artwork Will Bring Abstract Puzzles To Switch This Year

Please Touch The Artwork

For those that prefer more laid-back experiences on Switch, solving puzzles without too much stress or hurried gameplay, there are already some very decent options on the system. Another that’s due to arrive this year is Please, Touch The Artwork, which blends abstract art with some surreal puzzles.

It’s out very soon on mobile and PC ahead of its arrival on Switch, and will offer over 150 puzzles along with some soothing gameplay. The challenges in the trailer look rather smart, too; you can see some of the official description below:

  • Play procedurally-generated puzzles based on Mondrian paintings such as Compositions with Red Blue Yellow, Broadway Boogie Woogie, and New York City
  • Waltz through this collection of three different paintings — each with its own unique gameplay and puzzles
  • Solve more than 150 randomly generated puzzles with 2 – 3 hours of playtime and no time-pressure
  • Get to know the story behind abstract art pioneers
  • Accessible options including color-blind and larger text
  • Vibe to a jazzy soundtrack that provides ambience to your painting-prodding

For fans of abstract art, or those just seeking some intriguing visual puzzles, this could be worth a look later in the year.

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