Nintendo has issued a statement warning consumers about fake websites and scams


Unfortunately, one thing that is not that uncommon, especially on the internet, are accounts of people that were victims of fake websites and scams. One way these fake websites and scams try to entice someone is by pretending to be an official place. For example, there is a fake website out there that is using official Nintendo branding and selling Nintendo products at a discounted price.

Not only is Nintendo aware of this, but they are warning consumers about the matter on their official Japanese site. Nintendo warns that purchasing stuff through this fake website “could potentially be hazardous, as consumers would be giving their personal information to an unauthorized website”.

Nintendo confirmed that, if similar websites are found, they will “notify the related agencies involved in taking the storefront (or website) down”. These are the Japanese Cybercrimes Consultation and Consumers Affair Agency, and Nintendo has provided links to both of their homepages in their statement.

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